Hide Those Annoying Status Updates on LinkedIn!

Don't be that Connection

You all recognize this LinkedIn connection – you know – the one who annoys you with 100 status updates  a day  – or the one who blasts the same (or slight variation thereof) status update 10 times a day for 26 consecutive weeks.   Unfortunately, these non-value-adding status updates consume valuable real estate on your LinkedIn home page.  Because status updates get abused from time-to-time, ” as a social media trainer, I am often asked, “How can I hide status updates from certain individuals without removing them as a connection altogether.”

How to – Hide Status Updates

Hiding LinkedIn Status Updates

LinkedIn, indeed, provides such a solution.  To hide the status updates of these non-value-adding connections, simply “hover” your mouse anywhere over the status update.  In the upper right hand corner of that status update, the word “Hide” appears.  Simply click “Hide,” and you will no longer see status updates from these connections on your home page – and, furthermore, they won’t even know you took such a step.

How to – Unhide Status Updates

If, in the buy cialis online future, you want to make their updates visible once again, click on the down arrow next to “All Updates” on your home page (immediately beneath the area where you can share your status update), scroll towards the bottom and select “Hidden” – or “Customize.”  After selecting either of these two options, you will now see two tabs going across the top:  “Update Type” and “Hidden.”   Select “Hidden” and from there you will once again be able to show updates from those connections that you once hid.

Take advantage of this feature.  You likely won’t have to do it often – I’ve only hidden updates from two of my connections – but when you do need to do it, you’ll be glad you did.  You will now be able to see status updates only from those connections actually providing value!

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