Embrace Content Marketing in 2013

Content Marketing & Trends in 2012

Content MarketingLast year – and rightfully so – there was an amplified emphasis on content marketing.  We witnessed a significant increase in the number of small and medium businesses adopting integrated content generic cialis marketing strategies to engage with prospects and clients.  There was also an increased adoption in Responsive Web design, targeted content distribution and the propensity for visual content.

In 2013, we are likely to see these trends gain further traction.  The increase in the number of customer touch-points – coupled with the diverse types of smartphones, tablets and corresponding screen sizes – has created new complexities for marketers and business owners.  Content strategies will need to accommodate (and be optimized for) the multi-device ecosystem that consumers are using to access content.

Embrace Integration

Develop a Complete Content Strategy

Organizations leveraging content marketing as a means to enhancing online credibility should don a publisher’s hat.  To be effective with content marketing, roles such as ‘chief content officer’ or ‘content strategist’ should be created.  The “chief content officer” or “content strategist” should work hand-in-hand with sales and marketing to understand what types of content your customers want and how you can make that content stand out.  Specifically, an organization should:

  • Create an editorial calendar and prepare a strategy to update content regularly.
  • Integrate your strategy across all content dissemination mediums including print, digital, and social media.
  • Prepare and execute a plan to repurpose relevant content – including text, video and visual content.
  • Develop a strategy to improve your “reach” across social media channels – the larger your network, the more likely it is that your content will reach the intended recipients.
  • Measure and analyze the impact of your content.  Understand which content is driving the highest levels of engagement with your prospects and clients – and, then, optimize accordingly.

Content is the Lifeblood of Online Marketing

Readers will only visit your organization’s blog, website or video channel if you post fresh and compelling content on a regular basis.  Reuse (repurpose) your content across all channels.   Convert multiple blog postings into an ebook.  Conversely, ebooks, articles and whitepapers can be converted into multiple blog postings.  All of these content assets can then be repurposed into an audio-visual format, podcast or webinar.  This will help you reach various types of audiences and increase your online visibility.

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