Components of a Successful Social Strategy — Infographic

Blueprint for Social Proficiency Infographic

Having a social media strategy and plan for implementation is so much more than simply creating a Facebook or Twitter Account --and posting updates.  It's more than scheduling updates in Hootsuite and hoping your prospects respond.  Rather, a successful strategy will likely incorporate the following steps: Key Steps for Successful Social Media Strategy Development of Goals Formation of a Social Tech Team Integration of Social & Web Implementation of the Appropriate Social … [Read more...]

SEO — Critical Component of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy


SEO -- Search Engine Optimization -- is a term you've likely heard in the context of websites, digital marketing, Google and Search Rankings.  It's definitely a critical component of any successful digital marketing strategy.  SEO is all about creating relevancy, visibility and high rankings in search engines such as Google. As you're likely aware, over the last several years there have been numerous updates to Google's ranking algorithm -- the most most recent being Google's largest update … [Read more...]

Summer of a Changing Social Media Landscape


With summer flexing its muscles for perhaps its final time this year in Michigan, I thought it may be helpful to recap some of the more significant feature changes to a handful of the most popular social platforms. Although there were significant feature changes & enhancements – and although some of the “tools” may have changed while the heat was turned on – it’s important to note that the one constant for successful marketing efforts has been and continues to be “strategy” – … [Read more...]

SEO, Relevancy & Social Signals – What’s Your Strategy?


Relevancy.  We've said it over-and-over.  Google – the world’s largest search engine with over 1 billion daily, worldwide search queries – is in the business of returning the most relevant search results (content) for its users.  So what makes one piece of content more relevant than the other?  That, my friends, is the burning question.  Answer it correctly and take appropriate action – and you’ve got a leg up on your competition.  … [Read more...]

Embrace Content Marketing in 2013


Content Marketing & Trends in 2012 Last year – and rightfully so – there was an amplified emphasis on content marketing.  We witnessed a significant increase in the number of small and medium businesses adopting integrated content generic cialis marketing strategies to engage with prospects and clients.  There was also an increased adoption in Responsive Web design, targeted content distribution and the propensity for visual content. In 2013, we are likely to see … [Read more...]